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Paloma Pay is an easy-to-use crypto payments platform that allows you to accept cryptocurrency from your customers and deposit dollars into your account. Paloma Pay was developed by regulatory experts to make crypto safe and easy for businesses owners to accept.

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An easy entry to the future of payments

Effortless integration

An elegant order dashboard that complements any existing Point of Sale System.

Create an order

All you have to do is enter the order information and the customer can complete payment from their phone. 

Get notified when its been completed

You’ll be notified in real-time as soon as the funds are received via our streamlined dashboard.

Safe and Secure

Paloma Pay is committed to protecting your funds. We audited the smart contracts on our platform to ensure the highest level of security. Here’s our audit report to see how Paloma Pay protects our users:

Audit Report
“Using Paloma Pay was exceptionally efficient and simple! Within a few minutes, everything was processed, prepaid, and the customer received the products not only in half of the time, but also in a contactless manner. The best part of it however, is that Ohana Cannabis Co. transferred the crypto payment into US Dollars within minutes of the customer's payment, which is faster than debit and credit card payment systems!!”
Miriam Monroe — COO Ohana Cannabis Company.

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