Who we are

Paloma Pay is an easy-to-use crypto payments platform that allows businesses to accept cryptocurrency and deposit dollars into their account. Paloma Pay was developed by regulatory experts to make crypto safe and easy for businesses owners to accept, without requiring customers to download yet another app. Originally developed to serve merchants who lack access to traditional financial services, we are proud to bring crypto to mainstream stores and consumers as adoption of this technology becomes more prevalent. 

Paloma pay

How it works

Using Paloma Pay is as easy as any point of sale system and no crypto expertise is needed.

Easy Setup

No new hardware or set up fee. Just set up your account and start accepting crypto!

No crypto expertise needed

We handle the hard part. All you need to do is enter order information and your customer will be able to complete their transaction. Our CASHBOT will transform crypto into dollars on your behalf.

Nothing to Download

Your customers don’t want to download another app. 14% of US consumers already have crypto. We help them use the crypto wallet they already have to pay you with a simple text message. 

Always your funds

Paloma Pay is non-custodial. Our software makes sure your crypto ends up in the right destination and denomination, but it’s always yours. No waiting on multi day settlement times. 


Meet Our Team

Ally Medina
Ally is Co-Founder of Paloma Pay.  She founded the Company in 2020 to initially serve the needs of the unbankable, such as cannabis dispensaries in need of an alternative to traditional banking.  Her expertise in blockchain regulation and understanding of the struggles cannabis businesses face without adequate banking inspired her to create the Paloma Pay platform as a contactless payment solution that eliminates uncertainty about using cryptocurrency. The Paloma Pay platform was developed by regulatory experts to make crypto safe and easy for businesses owners to accept.  Ally and her team developed an easy-to-use crypto payments platform that allows users to accept cryptocurrency from their customers and deposit dollars into their account.

Prior to founding Paloma, Ally proudly served the people of Emeryville, CA as Mayor of City and currently serves as City Council Member through 2024.  She has a decade of state and local policy experience with an expertise in blockchain technology and serves as the Executive Director of the Blockchain Advocacy Coalition, an organization that educates policymakers and advocates for smart blockchain legislation that will allow the industry to grow in California and nationwide.
Ryan Luther
Ryan is Head of Product and Co-Founder of Paloma Pay.  With a passion for product design, technology and crypto, Ryan was instrumental in developing the Paloma Pay platform from the ground up and building our unique, user friendly interface for our customers in need of an end to end crypto payment solution.  For the past several years he has applied his expertise to tackle the unique challenges of UX for new cryptocurrency users, working on projects from blockchain browser extensions to cryptocurrency payments.  In Ryan's spare time, he's constantly researching the rapidly evolving crypto industry and keeping abreast of market trends and new opportunities for Paloma Pay's expansion.
Nasser Azimi
Mr. Azimi has over 25 years of experience as a business executive delivering complex and large-scale technology solutions for retail, wholesale, business administration, education, financial management, and government service delivery. He currently serves as the President of Ohana Cannabis and responsible for the development and implementation of upscale and hi-tech cannabis retail and wholesale facilities across California.

Mr. Azimi is also the founder of Teranomic Software, specializing in Drone solutions for private and public entities.  He oversees software development and operational implementation of drone solutions used in agriculture, traffic management, and package delivery.